Biofuel Gel Fire Features

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Among the more interesting developments in the design of fascinating new ways to appreciate Nature’s elements, the modern “Fire Feature” has taken on a far more-approachable cast. We have been adding fire and its warming power to landscapes forever – by constructing pits, for example, then by designing new ways to feature fire with gas feeds. Outdoor areas have discovered radiant heaters which can combat cool weather with style and comfort in affordable and attractive ways. From attractive and warming “fire tables” to standing lamps feeding warm air downwards, new technologies are really opening up.


But it is in the indoors where the real magic seems to be most alive. New “flue-less” technologies, using gels for fuel and encapsulating flames inside clear glass panels have opened a design dimension that is fairly staggering.

These fire features are powered by biofuels. The heat energy supplied goes straight into the room instead of being lost through a chimney. What is coolest of all is that biofuel fireplaces need no fixed installation and are totally mobile. These fireplaces spread a moderate and pleasant warmth right from the start and in contrast to wood-burning there is nothing to clean once the fire has burnt. When the burner is cool it can be refilled and used again – lighting a fireplace is pretty darn  comfortable and easy.

These guys also are made for outdoors, by the way.

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