Aspects Of Outdoor Lighting Design – Uplighting

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“Uplighting” is a unique lighting technique made most effective on smaller scales by completely hiding the source of light itself and aiming a wide arc of intended brightness upwards. Most typically and most effectively, the fixture itself is buried and unidentifiable by any measure other than when the light is actively engaged. Of the simplest yet most effective techniques, the implicit beauty of lighting in all cases becomes genius in the slight tweaking of fixtures and their placement.

Uplighting features a fascinatingly multiple array of  design themes. In typical modern low-voltage lighting architecture, uplights such as this very typical “can”  below, expose the physical features of any illuminated object.

The additional merits of  producing an ample source of “ambient lighting” from the lighting refraction means the reflected light from the items illuminated also provide a spillover of light which provides additional security almost incidentally and produces warmer, more subtle safety effects without glare.

As always, on the strictly aesthetic level, lighting is used to feature aspects of the outdoor appearance of a property. The example above, for example, features the color and form of this residence – the building itself. Other uplighting effects can be seen featuring seasonal attributes with a breath-taking beauty of form and lushness.

Obviously the above picture illustrates the possibilities in using color filters, much the same as theater lighting can set moods and fantastical elements for the their dramatic productions. Typically, in most cases, simple uplighting techniques are far and away sufficient for featuring those elements which can make our homes amazingly more appealing from the street as well as for our own enjoyment.

Uplighting is simply the most common and actually least challenging method of enhancing our properties. It simply “works”. It proves that nearly any effort at lighting – or nightscaping – our homes and businesses is an extremely effective method of beautifying our lives.



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