The “Fountain Of Love” – Rome’s Trevi Fountain

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Italians will tell you that the myth of tossing coins in this fountain to achieve good fortune in love is actually based on another fountain which doesn’t even exist in reality. But who cares?

Some 3,000 Euro’s a day – $4,500 US Dollars – are reportedly tossed at this magical pool and fantastic waterfall display each and every day. Unfortunately, one of the other secrets to the Trevi Fountain involves its iconic stature as arguably – competing with the Vatican -  the primary tourist attraction in this “must see” city. The number of pickpockets and its extremely crowded “destination” status makes for a sometimes-challenging visit. Alas, “Love is blind” to all that.

The fact is, if one goes to Rome and does not visit this incredibly impressive fountain, something was most certainly missed. Even at night, it is remarkable – perhaps even more so.

I think that the “myth” has what we might call ‘some legs’! Maybe it depends on the very stern-looking Neptune, the dude at the top. He was never particularly predictable, so paying some money might just help. On any case, it’s amazingly complex and beautiful.

What I have always found most compelling is the mix of raw and very purposefully-placed jagged boulders and the statues surrounding them, as if the primordial Darkness that produced the Gods is still around them, steaming and still-warm.

This is indeed a most impressive work of art.

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