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July 31st, 2011

Few images evoke as peaceful a scene as the Chinese and Japanese depictions of Koi Fish.

The muscular beauty and robust forms of Koi can be wrapped in compelling colors, gently moving and sometimes thrashing through our perspectives -

Koi have attracted the attention of countless gardeners, pond and water feature lovers for centuries. Naturally, the reasons are simple enough. For one thing, their colors are amazing – often bright with the colors of the Sun itself – and in some, other more muted colors mix with the cultivated artistic fins and tails to present a streamlined and captivating wonder of Hybridized Nature:

There are few pets who ask less of their owners. Winter sees these beautiful guys dive deep and slow their heartbeats, requiring not much of anything at all except for a deep enough pond to stay out of the way of predators.

I am an old-line fan of Koi.  Pond And Fountain World have an unparalleled range of these brightly-colored, optimistic specimens at the home base in Louisville. Here are a couple of looks at the small adjoining pond outside “the office” – a few of which seem to have sprung straight out of a book of Fairy Tales:

Impossibly gorgeous, these wonderful fish surprise us with their beauty and with the grace we expect from fish as they cut through the deep.

The simple profusion shown here is always good for a few moments of watching Koi behavior. Pond And Fountain World has oodles of these gorgeous fish, all available for sale.

Visit in person or click here to see the entire range of items Pond And Fountain World can supply the interested water gardener.

What Is A “Pondless” Water Feature?

July 29th, 2011

This is a question we get asked quite a bit – regarding anything “Pondless”. From Bubble Rocks to water falls, people typically assume there will always be a body of reflective water underneath. Indeed, many people assume the pond aspect of any water feature might just be it’s coolest part.

But not everyone does at all. While those of us experienced with water features understand the small amount of maintenance required to keep it  algae-free and clear of debris, many others don’t really want to bother with even that level of labor.

It’s all good. The fact is, they have a point. The other and far more pertinent point is this: It may not matter that much. How interesting is it that we may be able to get all the glories of running water, bubble rocks, creeks and waterfalls and watch it disappear into a bundle of materials without forming a pool? The truth it, it has a magical quality of all its own:

Pondless Features also tend to be absolutely safer for small children – a factor which applies in many, many projects, where children’s natural affinity for water won’t get them in trouble.  ;-)

Brand new technologies exist for making the pondless feature even easier to construct and maintain.

(click image to go to the catalog page)

Basins to protect the recirculating pump, water quality management filters all conspire to make the work of owning a waterfall, landscape feature far less onerous and far more beautiful than ever before.

To experience all the astounding variations possible in water features of all types, click here, for access to Pond And Fountain World’s entire website and galleries.

Vertical Gardening & Outdoor Rooms

July 28th, 2011

Modern times have developed some fabulous alternatives to our standard-issue assumptions about what we can get done to make our homes’ outdoor environments work. Among the value-added items we can install outdoors are the wonderful “Outdoor Room” elements which range from mere garden seating and ways to sit amid our gardens to the enjoyment and scrumptious products of our entire kitchens. Imagine as well sitting and reading amid more meditative  areas such as ponds or creeks.

Hard by garden walls and plant-life, designed to make it all work together as a whole, we find ways to stack our plants, fires to light during dark nights or garden lighting simply to extent our living areas a little more….

Beauty becomes a pastime of its own and its own goal as we search for the perfect compliment to our outdoor lives.

And even indoors, we find natural elements such as running water to be a true delight:

Pond And Fountain World specializes in just these very items.

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Garden Statuary – Is It For Me?

July 25th, 2011

I am a true fan of garden statuary. The range of possible scenes, from charming depictions of kids playing and doing what they do best – enjoying life and contemplating their own heavy thoughts – to the gods and goddesses of Ancient Times all emit a sense of passion we don’t find in another form.

Kentucky and Indiana residents particularly will enjoy this scenario, being such basketball-mad cultures!

(note – each picture can be linked to its catalog page by left-clicking the picture)

Staying with a “kids” theme, is it even possible not to like this little vision of innocence caught dreaming?

Naturally, omitting animals would be a crime!

There is a wondrous possibility in all these gorgeous statues, reminding us to celebrate the diversity of life around us along with Life’s even deeper meaning.

Pond and Fountain World has a huge collection of gallery pictures and statues available upon order or at home featured at their headquarters.

For a full view of the entirety of this collection, click here for access.

Water Features In Local Constructions

July 12th, 2011

Every city has these remarkable hidden gems. I recall going on Garden Tours in Portland, Oregon where local families and gardening fans opened their yards for the purvey of a traveling retinue of gawkers like me and my gardening buddies. Indeed, there was also a tour of local residential Water Gardens which was an equally-delightful tour and which actually featured a couple of projects I worked to make, such as this one:

(left click to enlarge images)

Portland was not unique at all. Other cities have abundant garden and water feature tours, including Louisville, where I live now and where Pond And Fountain World plies the landscape construction aspect of their affair with water.

But another amble around Oregon, before we leave, just to savor one of any number of delights the world supplies, this one a snapshot of a feature at the world famous Oregon Garden, illustrating the profuse beauty of yet another wonderful pond:

In Louisville, Pond And Fountain World has been instrumental in any number of gorgeous water feature constructions, from ponds and lakes to idyllic waterfall-washed features which set a mood and tone in a landscape.

From more intimate, pondless features……

To those of a larger and more breath-taking scale…..some lit at night and showing the possibilities inherent deriving from simple night-lighting – producing a literal extra room for outdoor pleasure……..

Others are just plain gorgeous to watch, hear and read a good book next to, sprawled out and dreaming away……..hard beside this terrific example of “emulated Nature” -

Bubble Rocks trickle water over their brims, highlighting their billion-year old color in a wet and kenetic frenzy of color and sparkle in the sunlight:

Their achievements are substantial and perfectly constructed, with attention to detail as well as to clientele – input at every stage is welcomed and appreciated and responded to. The professionalism and range of experience make Pond And Fountain World a magnificent choice in designing and constructing water-bearing glories for home and work.

Click here to see the galleries and the retail products at the catalog.

Modern Wonders – Water Features Of The World

July 10th, 2011

More Pure Water Art

In a bit of shameless referring, I’m traveling a bit into books and a few of the blogs of others. I will refer and attribute their credits by linkage and by picture. In no way do I insert myself in any other way than to call them what they are – great works of art and landscape design. There is a mountainous number of fantastic constructions out there and this can present but a few of them to a wider audience. Seeing the best of the best – and even the occasionally wackiest! – inspires us all who enjoy water features in general.

From the more commercial world and the modern art of Isamu Noguchi, let’s take a small gander again of a construction which simply blows my mind every time I view it – the recessed alcove – “The Sunken Garden”, constructed when the building was made, back in 1961 -  in front of the Chase bank in New York City:

(left click on any image to enlarge)

Half full, the water reflects gorgeously, providing just one of a wide range of looks the Sunken Garden gives. A closer and dryer view, from the NY Times, exposes the paving work, the details of which are a feature in their own right:

From HG TV, I got this gem, linked in this cluster.

From Garden Design ©Dorling Kindersley, there’s this remarkable structure, including massed planting of breath-taking congruence, with “structural” mass plantings featuring forms, colors and leaf shapes. This one might be one the finest overall conceptions I’ve seen in a while.

Once again from HG TV, this altogether stunning work of stacked rock forms a vase which produces spilled water with a delightful sound and motion:

Finally, we arrive at another charming aspect of water work in this other-worldly vision of an Infinity Edge waterfall, complete with a “feeder” waterfall whose spill pattern comes as a literal unspoiled “sheet”, spurting out of it’s unobtrusive brick riser:

Some things you have to see to believe and there may nothing as true when dealing with the wonderfully impractical-but-altogether-refreshing water features, designed and enjoyed by human beings since the Dawn of Time.