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Early Spring – Glory And Chores in Louisville

March 20th, 2011

Seeing as how today is the first day of Spring, I think I’ll celebrate by cleaning the debris from my fountain, clearing out the pump’s little filter to see what – if anything – got in the way, and maybe taking it for a test run. Having lived out West and at altitude in Reno, Nevada, I should mention some dubiousness about a little warmer weather. It’s never much fun looking outdoors after some 90 degree weather days and then waking up one morning in May and seeing 4 inches of snow. ;-)

But, fortunately, I am further East now, happily mired in Louisville, Kentucky, where baseball is being played already and blooms are cheeky enough to get bold and threaten to pop. I must say, of all the places I have lived, Louisville’s Spring is the single most breath-taking.

The usual characters are out early, before the ultimate ridiculous profusion of blooms and aromas take over, and it is a total delight to see them now, after such a long Winter. This Forsythia shows up as advertised, early, ripe and spunky.

The Star Magnolia is a real star of mine.

The beauty of Spring brings that sense of renewal that also reminds us that we’re back into our “Outdoor Phase” of life, where barbecue’s and song singing with children, baseball and picnics and the joy of physical life can be embraced and enlarged on.

Pond And Fountain World is incredibly excited about this new turn of events. Preparing for this season’s outdoor fun, they’ve enlisted new lines of all sorts of stuff – from the standards – fountains, water feature installations and the rest – there is now an entire Outdoor Room section being built, featuring kitchens, furniture and even the protective gazebo’s, arbors and pergola’s which make functional architectural statements out where we live.

Please click this link to find out more about these exciting developments.

St. James Court – Louisville’s Now-Bronze Beauty Of A Fountain

October 1st, 2010

Seen in the photo below from a  distance, the Boulevard Fountain at St. James Court is a classically-designed and quite ornate fountain which dates from its original placement in 1887. Originally made of cast iron, the deterioration required addressing and this fountain was recast in bronze. It required it being shipped off, so it was “lost” for 3 years. After those 3 years, the Fine Arts Sculpture Center in Michigan returned the fountain, and a special dedication ceremony was held in 1975.

(click on any image to enlarge)

Here we get closer to this gorgeous fountain. These shots will be recognized as Springtime pictures as we pan back and see the lovely young leaves and the Dogwood blooms which accompany this delightful and well-visited neighborhood.

The luscious Springtime Dogwoods are a justifiably famous feature of many Louisville neighborhoods, none more so than this one:

It turns out, the “well-visited” claim is a bit understated. Each year the area hosts the St. James Court Art Show, a juried Art Show which now averages some 300,000 visitors with 750 exhibitors. The “show” has won numerous awards, including the annual survey of artists in the trade journal Sunshine Artist which named it “the best art show in the country” in 2003, 2004, and 2006. It happens this weekend, in fact, running from October 1st to the 3rd. That’s a lot of people!

Interestingly, the original purpose of The St James Court Art Show was to raise funds to maintain the St James Court’s centerpiece and this year the fountain was in the midst of a $30,000 renovation (repairing the Fountain walls – which should last another 100 years). The 54 year-old Art Show once again be paid the whole bill.

This is a wonderful fountain, placed in the midst of a historical and wonderful neighborhood, rife with history and beauty. The homes and fountain are a tribute to fabulous craftsmanship and design.

Pond And Fountain World takes an equal pride in presenting such a wonderful bit of high craftsmanship. We want our standards to approach those who relish structures such as this and we generally prove we can walk that intimidating but hopeful walk. Please visit our catalog of amazing and gorgeous fountains by clicking here.